#3A: 1234 on “Making Sense of Online Text”

I read “Making Sense of Online Text” by Julie Coiro, and I used the 1, 2, 3, 4 strategy to relay my findings:

  1. Big Idea: Technology in the classroom can be useful, but also confusing.
  2. Details: Using the internet inside of a classroom can be helpful, but if  students don’t know how to navigate the internet well, it can be almost useless. Teaching students to be critical of resources found on the internet will limit the amount of sources that students use that aren’t credible. It is important to teach students how to research using the internet so that it isn’t overwhelming.
  3. Personal Connection: I sometimes have trouble determining which sources are credible and which ones aren’t, so this article was as helpful to me as I imagine it will be to my students.
  4. Questions: When is it appropriate to incorporate the internet in class outside of research? How can I as a teacher keep an eye on keeping students on task while using the internet in class?

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